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Steamy Beach Engagement- Nabila + Tim

Can you say STEAMY BEACH ENGAGEMENT?!?! Their chemistry is so undeniable it is so cute to witness! They are goalllsss! Their story is one to remember because he was into her for so long before she even gave him the time of day! But unlike all of the “friend zone” stories you normally hear, HE GOT HER after being friend zoned.. now if that isn’t something to smile about, I don’t know what is!

So we arrived and @dablangirl looked like she just jumped out of a magazine! Everything from her hair to her dress was so perfect, she literally looked like a princess! (Every girls dream right?) Tim fit right in as well!!

Montana De Oro State Park is the perfect location for those who want the beach, cliffs, caves, wild flowers &&& woodsy vibes! If you have not visited, please do so sooooon!

We started off our session by hiking to the furthest point out for some of those breathtaking views then made our way through the wild flowers, and back down to the sand to finally make it to those awesome caves whos’ entrance opened right up to the rocks we hiked (slipped) our way out to.

I am so excited to shoot their wedding next month in Paso Robles, CaliPaso Winery! 

Tim did so good picking out her ring, so I can only DREAM about how beautiful their wedding is going to be! Cannot wait to go with @tonigphoto!

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